Activ Greens

Where Ancient Volcanic Soil Meets Modern Nutrition

Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets. Hello to the convenience of a single, powerful all-in-one-superfood green drink with 3 proprietary blends.

Living Is An Activ Thing!

ACTIV GREENS is a science-based cardio-health green drink that tastes absolutely divine and is loaded with bio-available nutrients that the body needs for optimum health and performance.

Optimized for mom and dad, young and old, athletes, lifeletes, and everyone in between. Vegan, Paleo, and Keto-friendly. Tastes amazing…not like dirt!

The Raw Advantage

Grown in pristine ancient nutrient dense volcanic soil, our organic greens are carefully harvested to maximize the highest nutritional content, a process that only occurs twice per year.

The freshly harvested plants are juiced within minutes and immediately converted into our powerful green nutrient juice powder through a proprietary low temperature process.

This powdered juice is considered «raw», and when Activ Greens is mixed back into water, it’s virtually identical to the freshly squeezed juice, alive and active!

3 Power Pack Research-Based Nutrient Blends


Is made with low-heat dried, active organic greens plus acid stable probiotic spores to support gut health, the immune system, and healthy weight management. Our greens are grown in Utah, USA.


Contains adaptogenic herbs that help the body manage stress,  feelings of anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep, and boost immunity. Also includes herbs and enzymes that have a gentle detoxing effect.


Is formulated to support the body’s natural ability to produce Nitric Oxide (N.O.), which is important for heart health and vitality. In 1998 three scientists won a Nobel Prize for the health discovers of N.O.

With Every Serving You Get All Of This:

Raw Organic Activ Greens

Vitamins and Minerals

Aminoacids & Enzymes

Pre & Probiotics


Antioxidants & Adaptogens


Caffeine Free


Gluten Free


Dairy Free


GMO Free


Vitamins & Minerals


Daily Servings

Become a Healthier, More Convenient You

Each bag of Activ greens comes with 30 sticks, one drink per day is all you really need.

Pop a stick in your gym bag, handbag or throw in the car to have anytime anywhere. Forget lugging around a jar or bag of product!

Tear open a sachet, poor into a glass or your drink bottle with 8 ounces of cold water and give it a shake to mix.


  • Pre + Probiotics
  • Immunity Support
  • Digestive Support
  • Heart Health
  • Energy + Stress Support
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